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Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes these days, from mini USB Controller Keyboards for portable devices (eg iPads and laptops), larger USB Controller Keyboards for computer music stations, portable multi-purpose keyboards with on-board speakers and accompanients through to professional synthesisers, digital stage pianos and full size digital console pianos and grands.

Choosing the correct keyboard for educational use

Factors such as durability, portability and classroom convenience and, if connecting to computers, the USB functions are the basic considerations. Not all USB keyboards transmit MIDI data even though they can connect to a computer. Other considerations include size and number of keys and touch sensitivity ... which is strongly recommended even for juniotr primary use. And, for piano performance, you will generally want a fully weighted piano action ... but also check the weight and portability if it is to be moved frequently.

Finally, what additional features are desired (eg programmable controllers for computer use MAY be relevant to your curriculum focus) and what features are NOT desirable.

Contact Music EDnet and we will guide you through the best options for your particular music program ... and avoid some of the costly mistakes we see too often.

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