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Article ED00001: Recording - A Guide to Equalisation

A guide to using equalisation in recording.

Article ED00004: Balanced vs Unbalanced audio cables

Understanding the important difference between balanced and unbalanced audio connections can save you a lot problems with hum, buzzes and other electrical noise.

Article ED00007: Understanding MP3s

MP3s have changed the way we store and listen to music, but what is an MP3 file and how does the sound compare with a CD recording. Something every serious musician should know about.

Article ED00009: Choosing the right microphone

A practical guide to mic types and uses. Selecting the right microphone for the task can make a huge difference to the quality of your sound.

Article ED00011: Mac versus PC - Which is best?

The great debate over Mac vs PC will no doubt go on for many years to come, but before you decide which way to go in your planning it is VERY important that you understand the real issues.

Article ED00002: Miking up your choir

How to mike up your choir for live sound and recording situations.

Article ED00010: The Importance of Hearing Protection

Exposure to higher levels of sound can cause permanent hearing loss. It is important to know about the levels and durations that are safe and how to protect your hearing, particular during music teaching, performances and rehearsals.

Article ED00012: About Music - 21C Music Education

Dr James Humberstone delivers his '21st Century Music Education' lecture at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Article ED00008: Wireless Microphone Systems

Convenience and mobility are the major advantages of wireless microphone systems. But there is a little more to it than simply plugging in and switching on.

Article ED00013: What is a software driver and why do I need one?

A description of what a software driver is and what it does.

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